Season 1, Episode 10, “She Did”

This brings us to the final episode of season 1, and also the end of this blog for now. I hope you have enjoyed reading my posts as much as I have enjoyed writing them! Now, time to get into the season finale…

The episode kicks off with Hannah and Adam helping Marnie to move out of the apartment. Hannah seems upset about her departure and discusses it with Adam. Weirdly enough, Adam responds with wisdom beyond his years, stating, “Don’t waste time on guilt Hannah. Holding onto toxic relationships is what keeps us from growing. You’re forming every time you shed a layer, getting closer to yourself.” Then he offers to move in with her, which throws Hannah for a loop.

While at work, Hannah, and everyone else, receives a mysterious text from Jessa, reading, “Please come to the most important party of my life. 7pm sharp. Dress real nice and come.” Each of the girls, along with Ray and Charlie, dress up in their finest and confusedly make their way to a warehouse, clearly decorated for some type of ceremony. After a bit, Jessa and Thomas-John walk up to the altar and he exclaims, “So in case some of you haven’t already guessed, we’re getting married!”

Jessa and Thomas-John announcing their surprise wedding.

Marnie, Hannah and Shoshanna all look shocked, confused and upset, as the wedding ceremony begins. Thomas-John reads his vows first, which are very bizarre, stating, “Jessa, the first night that we met, truthfully, I thought we were going to have a threesome…with your friend Marnie. Whats up, Marnie?! But we didn’t do that. When you left my house that night, I felt more energized than I had for years. I thought to myself that if I ever saw that crazy bitch again, I would make her my fucking wife.”

His speech is met with confused applause, and then it’s Jessa’s turn. She remarks, “Thomas-John, when you came to my house with flowers, I was prepared to call the special victims unit. Not only did I find you very creepy, I found you also really boring. But for some reason, I agreed to have dinner with you, and you asked to move tables twice, and I was even more revolted. Then you started talking about what you did, about travel and finance, and I thought, ‘This man’s brilliant in a way I have never known.’ I appreciate your adventurous spirit, your desire to learn, and everything you don’t know about…I love you.” The couple beam at each other.

Adam getting emotional

Meanwhile in the audience, Adam looks close to tears and Hannah asks him if he’s okay. He responds, “I’m very moved…people finding each other, taking shelter, I’m very moved.” When Hannah points out that Jessa and Thomas-John only met two weeks ago, Adam emotionally says, “Time is a rubber band.” He kisses her hand and Hannah looks confused.

Thomas-John’s portly friend pronounces them man and wife, by “the power vested in me, by a website that I found on the internet.” The happy couple kisses and weird rap music starts playing. It’s clear the audience is too confused and stunned by the makeshift wedding, as they don’t know what to do at first. Then they just go with it and start dancing, much like the way Jessa lives her life—never stopping to reflect, just pushing forward and winging it.

In the next scene, Hannah is laying on the bathroom floor while Jessa is on the toilet, and she asks her how this all came about. Jessa responds, “Maybe I’m crazy, maybe I am. But fuck Hannah, I have never been this happy. I feel like I’m sleeping in a rose bud. I’m so gone on this man.” Curious Hannah asks, “Like you feel like a real adult now?” And Jessa’s childlike response is, “Mmmm…yeah! Kinda.” The fact that Jessa rushed into a wedding and still does not know what she is doing with her life, leads me to believe her actions are in direct response to Catherine’s speech during the last episode. I think Jessa realized she was right and got scared, rushing towards anything that would provide her comfort and a sense of security…and apparently that was Thomas-John.

Shoshanna was clearly left out of Jessa’s decision-making process and feels very hurt. She mopes around the wedding, leaning against different walls. Ray notices her and asks if everything is okay, pushing her to open up. Their conversation is hilarious, and I cannot even do it justice by trying to narrate it, so I will just transcribe it below.
Shoshanna: “Everyone’s a dumb whore. “
Ray: “I could hardly stop thinking about you since the night we met. You’re the strangest person; you’re just so raw and open.  You vibrate on a very strange frequency.”
Shoshanna: “Are you punking me?”
Ray: “It’s very confusing for me too. I wanna go home with you. Tonight.”
Shoshanna: “Fine…just stay out of my emotional way.”
And just like that, they very matter of factly decide to sleep together. Shoshanna seems so upset and distracted though, that she probably did not even realize what she agreed to.

Ray hitting on Shoshanna.

And of course, the final part of the episode is devoted to Hannah and Adam’s strange relationship. Hannah talks to Elijah at the party, and they decide to move in together. When Hannah tells Adam this, he gets upset and asks her, “If you didn’t like the idea, why didn’t you say so? …I wasn’t doing it because I wanted to help. No one does anything because they want to help. I was doing it because I love you.” Then he storms out into the street.

Hannah later follows him and they start to fight.  Adam exclaims at her, “You love yourself so much so why is it so crazy that someone else would too? …You’re the fucking worst, you know that? Because you think you’re not pretty, and you’re not a good writer and you’re not a good friend. Well, you are pretty, and you are a good writer, and you are a good friend.” Looking like she is going to cry, Hannah meekly thanks him. This infuriates Adam even more, and he screams, “Is this the game? You chase me like I’m the fucking Beatles for six months and then I finally get comfortable and you shrug?…What the fuck is wrong with you?”

At this point, Hannah opens up like she did to Marnie last week, and is very honest and raw. She responds, “I’m scared, okay? I’m really scared all the time. I’m like very scared all the time… I’m more scared than most people are when they say that they’re scared. I’m like the most scared person who’s alive.” In combination with last week’s confession, it seems Hannah really does have some personal issues that she is trying to express to Adam, without directly saying it. He does not get this though, and tells her that she doesn’t “have the right to be. I told you once I commit to something, I really fucking commit. You asked for this. And now you’re being a fucking bitch.”

Hannah gets even more wound up, following him into the street and shouting, “Adam, come on, I know you’re scared. I look at you and you’re acting like you’re not, but you are. I know you now, we’ve been doing this for a while. I know you.” He furiously spits back, “Stop it, you don’t know me. You don’t know shit about me…You don’t know me and you don’t know yourself. Because you’re what, 11 pounds overweight, you know struggle?” Hannah very emotionally and angrily responds, “I am 14 pounds overweight and it has been awful for me my whole life.” Perhaps she really is trying to tell him something, and is alluding to body issues and emotional problems. But yet again, Adam doesn’t listen. He hollers back at her and walks further in the street, only to get violently hit by a van.

When an ambulance arrives, Adam will not allow Hannah to come with him. Clearly upset, she dejectedly gets on the subway to head home. However, she falls asleep and wakes up at Coney Island. Once she realizes where she is, and that she won’t be able to get back home for a while, Hannah accepts the situation and heads towards the beach. She walks through the sand and sits near the ocean, unwrapping a piece of wedding cake that she had been carrying for Adam all night. Hannah silently eats the cake and seems at peace for the first time in the entire season…and that is the end .

Hannah at the beach eating Adam’s piece of wedding cake.

Maybe this final scene is foreshadowing good things to come in season 2 for Hannah, and she will learn to be more accepting of herself in the future. Unfortunately, I think there is still more heartbreak in store for our heroine, along with the other “Girls.” With each of their story lines remaining emotionally charged and unresolved at the end of the season, I feel the drama to come is inevitable.


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