Season 1, Episode 5, “Hard Being Easy” – Part 2

This is the second of four posts, live-blogging a review of episode 5.

Though the rest of the show constantly switches between scenes featuring Hannah, Jessa or Marnie, I will focus on each plot line in a separate post. Continue reading the next two for an analysis of Jessa and Marnie in episode 5.

Hannah and her inappropriate boss, Rich.

I think Hannah is such a funny character because she takes herself too seriously, but is still self-conscious. The scene when Hannah confronts her new boss about sexual harassment in the workplace is a perfect example of this, and is just hilarious. Hannah approaches her boss, Rich, in his office and awkwardly tries to hit on him. He turns her down with surprise, so Hannah keeps pushing and places his hand on her breast. Much to her surprise and horror, Rich breaks out laughing and cannot stop. Hannah gets offended, and tries to turn the situation around by threatening to sue him for inappropriate advances in the workplace. Rich’s response is perfect and too funny; he exclaims, “Hannah, you barely have the wherewithal to get to work at 10AM, there’s no suing going on. There’s no suing app on your iPhone.” Even more offended, Hannah threatens to quit and before she leaves for good, she responds with an equally funny retort. “Someday I am going to write an essay about you and I am NOT going to change you name. And then you can sue me,” she says while walking out the door. Too perfect, and yay Hannah for somewhat standing up for yourself!

But then this small accomplishment towards having self-respect goes down the grain, when Hannah drops by Adam’s apartment. He is aloof and brushes her off, asking why she is even there. When she tries to touch him, he scoots out of the way and tells her not too. Poor Hannah is confused and taken aback—just earlier that day she had been telling Jessa about how Adam had changed and they were “basically together now.” Adam tells her the kissing and sex after she yelled at him didn’t mean anything, causing her to retreat to the bathroom, sit on the toilet and begin to cry.

Hannah begins to break down in Adam’s bathroom.

As a viewer, I just feel so bad for this pathetic girl; she can’t seem to grasp that Adam doesn’t care about her at all and is just using her, or has chosen to ignore it. But now reality has come crashing down upon her, and there is no hiding from it.

Hannah later emerges from the bathroom to find Adam masturbating in his room. She is rightfully grossed out and offended, yelling at him and turning to leave. But then Adam asks her if she wants to stay until he is done, which she agrees to do after taking a deep breath and turning around. Could she seriously get more pitiful? Guess we are back to old, pathetic Hannah again…until she realizes what she is doing and gets fed up. She tells Adam off, saying how disgusting it is that he is masturbating in front of her and that she wants $30 for cab money to go home. Adam weirdly seems to get off on seeing her act so dominantly. Hannah notices this, so when she looks in his wallet for the cab money and informs him he only has $100’s, she confidently adds that is taking one anyway. Then she makes Adam scream how sorry he is over and over again, which he likes this even more. This scene is bizarre, and a little uncomfortable to experience as a viewer, but it is good to see Hannah taking control of her situation with Adam for the first time. Hopefully she ditches him for good.


2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 5, “Hard Being Easy” – Part 2

    • I thought it was a little confusing too, but I think Adam masturbated in front of her as a display of both his dominance and his very little respect for Hannah. It’s like he was trying to throw both of those facts in her face in a cruel and gross way, just to make her feel even more pathetic. Very twisted mind, sad that I actually know people like that though!

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