Season 1, Episode 3, “All the Adventurous Women Do”

Theoretically, episode three is full of drama—Hannah discovers she has HPV, Marnie has a hot encounter with an artist and Jessa finally gets a job—but when you’re watching it, it feels like not much is going on. But still, like past episodes, there are some subtle comedic gems throughout the plot that keep you watching.

The most interesting part of this episode was Hannah’s HPV debacle. Immediately after receiving the call from her gynecologist, Hannah informs Adam. He denies giving it to her and turns the situation around, blaming her for accusing him, possibly giving it to him and claiming that he had been tested already and is clean. He’s quite a master manipulator, as we will later find out.

Mortified, Hannah calls her ex-boyfriend, Elijah, to meet her for a drink so she can break the news to him. Hannah seems pretty calm and in control when she first sits down with him at the bar, but then all hell breaks loose. Elijah mentions that he has come out of the closet and has a boyfriend, which throws poor Hannah for a loop. She is supportive but it is clear that she is very upset.

Elijah keeps making it worse, telling her that he liked her because she appeared masculine, he was attracted to boys even while they were dating and he believes her father to be gay. Hannah starts crying, but recovers. She tells him about the HPV and, just like Adam, Elijah gets offended that she accusing him. He bitchily informs her that Adam must have been lying because there is no HPV test for men and they do not exhibit symptoms. Immediately, you can see the sinking feeling in Hannah’s eyes and your heart goes out to her. Perhaps she is just starting to listen to her inner voice, suggesting that Adam isn’t the greatest person. As an outside viewer, it’s obvious that he is a horrible person, manipulative and borderline emotionally abusive, but Hannah either doesn’t care or is so desperate for affection that she puts up with it. But maybe things will change after this.

Marnie and Booth Jonathan talking on the high line.

Marnie is working at a gallery opening when her boss crassly introduces her to Booth Jonathan. He is rude and aloof, which she finds attractive since her current boyfriend has no backbone. They share a moment outside on the high line, and Marnie girlishly tells him that she won’t kiss him. Jonathan acts like she is crazy, but then pushes her up against the railing and tells her, “I want you to know the first time I f*ck you, I might scare you a little. Because I’m a man and I know how to do things.” Then he just walks away without a word. This is probably my favorite scene of Girls so far, because it is just so absurd and hilarious.

Shoshanna shares a cute scene with Hannah, in which they bond over television shows and secrets. Shoshanna is important to the show, as she provides a balancing source of propriety, normalcy and innocence. Without her to anchor it, I think Girls would just seem chaotic and make viewers anxious.

Finally, Jessa lands a job babysitting for a busy family. She surprisingly seems to have a good rapport with the young girl she is looking after, uncovering a different side of her. In this light, we remember that Jessa is still a young girl in her twenties, despite the fact that she seems so worldly and experienced. She smokes weed with the father when he comes home late at night, and it seems the two are flirting. It will be interesting to see what happens there in the future.

All in all, an interesting and pretty funny episode of Girls.


2 thoughts on “Season 1, Episode 3, “All the Adventurous Women Do”

  1. I just started watching this show the other day, and the scene between Marnie and Booth Jonathan has been my favorite so far too! This guy is the exact opposite of Marnie’s boyfriend, who is cute and sweet but obviously not what Marnie is looking for anymore. Marnie and Booth MUST end up hooking up soon… as I’m sure an awkward break-up with her current boyfriend is inevitable. I’m also really curious to see what happens between Jessa and the father. Jessa is a really interesting character and its hard to say if the friendly relationship she has with the father of the children she babysits for will turn into something romantic, but for now it seems that like it might. I could see it going either way. Great post!

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